I’m an undergraduate student interested in the outdoors, and enjoy tending to our backyard landscape; planting flowers, trees, and shrubs, cutting the grass and trimming and mulching. I have bird feeders and a fountained birdbath, too. Wildlife is another of my interests. Many different styles of music appeal to me, although hip-hop/rap and pop-country do not. I play the guitar and am learning native american flute. I enjoy cooking and baking, and I’ve a few specialties, but enjoy trying new styles and methods of cooking cuisine from differing world regions. For example, last night I made Sicilian Tuna with green olives and raisins. I’ve mastered Italian bread and pizza baking (as far as possible without a wood-fired oven), and I’m getting into sprouted whole grain baking now. I’m a wanderer, and enjoy travel. Because I’ve already travelled overseas on military assignments I’m more into exploring the United States and Canada now and have done so on my motorcycle, logging many thousands of miles riding. Due to health issues with my back, I’m looking into the Volkswagen camper van scene now. I keep a planted freshwater aquarium with a few fish in it.

The main topics I’ll be writing about could be anything from my pastimes, to politics, school—whatever. I’m following the WordPress Blogging University template to structure this post. I had started a blog years ago, but I did not take the time necessary for good formatting, so I erased everything and I’m starting over. Collaborating with other bloggers having the same interests and other aspiring (or accomplished) writers interests me. I am hoping that by this time next year I will have mastered WordPress, and that I will have been able to post often and meet other writing bloggers.

VW Campmobile Life

I’m dreaming about finding that perfect VW Campmobile, and really wish that one would fall into my lap. How did you find your Volkswagen Camper? I’m cruising through eBay and Craigslist and see some selling for over $50 thousand and I just do not have that kind of dough, and I’m not sure if I want to saddle the debt of a automobile loan.

On the other hand, there are some on the market for much less (usually out west), and the purchase would require flying out to buy, and then driving home upwards of one thousand miles.

I suppose that these details are insignificant in the long run. If I do find a great camper anywhere I need to go fetch it. We want to start traveling the USA and Canada — maybe drop down into Mexico, too. The country is beautiful, and it seems like a really cool thing to do: just cruising and meeting people, going at our own pace, and not needing hotels or trains and planes. I follow a few bloggers such as Idle bus theory, and Where’s My Office Now?, and these folks inspire me to keep working toward my goal of traveling and writing.

If you are interested in or already living the VW camper travel lifestyle I’d like to connect with you and share advice, stories, and build camaraderie.